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Technical items


Molds production

Our company has gained long-standing experience in the design and manufacture of molds for thermoplastics for different commodities sectors. The 45 percent of the turnover comes from food industry, for which we create closures of all kinds, like signet-caps or oil caps. The 25 percent of the sales volume comes instead from the cosmetic industry, for which we produce molds for special caps, flip-top caps, dispensers and spray-valves. The 10 percent concerns technical items, while the remaining 20 percent is divided between the pharmaceutical industry and special projects.


For the ‘food and beverage’ sector we produce molds for signet-caps, flip-top caps and oil caps. But also containers for preservation and manufacturing food, monouse glasses and trays.


For the cosmetic industry we design molds for bottles, trousses, capsules, caskets, jars and spray-valves. But also dispensers, flip-top caps and special caps.


In this sector we are specialized in the production of molds for test-tubes, containers, dispensers, signet-caps and safety caps.

Technical items

Companies not related to the other three sectors often ask us to design molds for articles regarding fire safety, articles for the electricity and electromechanical sector, pneumatic valves and distribution units.

Not only molds


Technical support

When we deliver the mold we also provide all the information necessary to put it into production and for its maintenance. In case of necessity we can replace one or more components starting from the original designs that we store in the company.


Research and Development

Product innovation is our watchword. We count on value-added systems to satisfy any market need. For this reason we design and patent new kind of mold starting from the requirements of the client. We make an effort to innovate ourselves both in the production method and in the solutions suitable for the client.

Structure and machinery

Our company covers an area of ​​2,000 square meters. The warehouses enclose an advanced machinery equipment, able to perform any kind of processing. The Research and Development department uses specialized software for 3D and CAD/CAM design.


Software house

Surfcam cam
Visi cad cam
Solidworks Composer





Fresatrice - MCV 500 - CNC MAS 600x500x500
Fresatrice - VMX1 HURCO 660x360x460
Fresatrice - MCV 750 - CNC MAS 800x600x500
Fresatrice INDUMA -
Fresatrice TIGER -
Fresatrice B 18-S550 CB FERRARI 1200x520
Fresatrice B 13-S3015 CB FERRARI 500x300
Fresatrice S6-FLEXA 132 CB FERRARI 1600x820
Fresatrice P46 S 1200 CB FERRARI 900x400
Fresatrice F43 S 1200 CB FERRARI 600x420
Fresatrice P2 CB FERRARI 400x300
Fresatrice M2 CB FERRARI 600x350
Fresatrice E 160 FIL 1600x600
Tornio L - 260 - CNC LABOR -
Tornio L - 200 - CNC LABOR -
Tornio 102N - CF SCHAUBLIN -
Tornio 190 JESSEY -
Tornio LC 340 A JESSEY -
Tornio VENIER - -
Tornio MP - -
Tornio OMG - -
Rettifica U - 750 SUPREMA -
Rettifica TANGENZIALE - CNC LODI 500x1000
Rettifica SGS 816H FREEPORT -
Rettifica TANGENZIALE L160 ROSA 1600x700
Rettifica RASTELLI - 400x200
Rettifica JON SIMPA - 500x200
Microforatrice OCT 3020 MA.TEC -
Elettrorosione HS 400 ONA -
Elettrorosione TECHNO H 300 ONA -
Elettrorosione A FILO AGIE -
Elettrorosione COMPACT 3 AGIE -
Elettrorosione COMPACT 3/60A AGIE -
Trapano radiale SINOMAC -
Trapano radiale INVEMA -

Our strengths



We develop our products starting from the customer’s needs and we maintain a constant opinion sharing throughout the production cycle, in order to ensure that the product fits client requirements. Your satisfaction is our key strength.



At the heart of our work there is the research and development of cutting-edge solutions. Over the years we have proven that the trump card is to focus on high value-added systems to satisfy any market need. Whatever you need, we produce it.



We are able to design and produce any type of mold, on time and according to customer specifications. This is possible thanks to our thirty-years experience, advanced machinery and software always updated. With us you will not have to worry about anything.



Over the years we have developed and patented innovative systems of molding production that allow us to cut down production costs maintaining high quality standards. Only with competitive products you become the number one.

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